Bed And Breakfast: Alloggi e camere vicino al Policlinico Gemelli di Roma
The rooms are cozy and either have private or shared bathroom, air conditioning, telephone and tv.
There is also a communal lounge with satellite tv where you can rest or relax. Sorry but pets are not accepted.
We are authorized by the tourism promotion Authority, Rome, and comply to Health and Safety Standards required by Law.





Room 1
  Breakfast & relax
  Room 2
  Room 3


Bed and Breakfast
Amendola House
Via Camillo Mariani, 13
00135 - Rome, Italy

Monte Mario / Trionfale Area
  » Monte Mario Station
  » Catholic University
  » Gemelli Hospital
  » Vatican City
  » Vatican Museums

Tel. mob. +39 3280681432
Fax +39 0630602577



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